An Atheist

There are so many variations of non-belief. How much of a non-believer does one have to be before they say, “There is no God.” and mean it.  Neil deGrasse Tyson, when asked his position, declared that he did not like labels, but if he had to chose, he would say agnostic, because there is still a chance that God might exist! I wonder if Neil believes in resurrection?  There is still a chance, right?  I think the basic weakness in the argument for God is the implausibility, the impossibility of resurrection.

We know that everything dies, but believers think that they are special.  They imagine an immortal soul which confers resurrection and immortality upon the deceased mortal body and mind.    It is delusional to believe that humans are different from all other creatures, and don’t really, really die.

We each have but one life, not two!  This delusional situation is both an educational issue and a mental health problem. It can be cured with factual education. God must go the way of Santa Claus.