The Road To Relief and Disbelief

Getting God off my back; that was a great relief.  I heard so many times, “The one and only true religion.” It was always claimed to be perfect, but never seemed to be so.
I was lucky, never being a strong believer, and went through life not giving religion or god much thought. After I heard Sam Harris on TV promoting his first book, The End of Faith, I  realized that I should get serious about what I believed. There is a lot of stuff out there on both sides, and there is a lot we need to understand.  The first thing to understand is, we are human.  We have needs, hopes, fears and desires.  We lie, we work, we cheat, we love; we want to survive.  Basically, that is the purpose of being born, to survive and reproduce.  It’s really nice when a bit of love can be added, and a lot of good luck. 

How do religions begin? Charismatic dreamers, reformers, cults, … How did monotheism get a start? Zoroaster, a reformer of early polytheistic religion, 2000 years before the time of Christ, which influenced the Jews, who already were convinced that they were the chosen ones, they had a pact with God, and they wrote the book. Then along came Jesus and the scam began. The Jews were ready to be saved and the story of the Christ’s ascension was too good a deal to pass up. But, the endurance and success of this small group of visionaries was not guaranteed.  It took the acts of two Romans to make it thrive. First Constantine I, then Theodosius I, who on 27 Feb 380 made Christianity the state religion of the Roman Empire.  Then along came Muhammad… Ah, yes.  the great dividers, Judaism, Christianity, and Islam; cults of death whose believers pray for the End and believe only they will really go to Paradise.

Why, me worry?  Humans can believe anything they like and they have been doing it from the beginning.  But, all religions are not equal. Most religions deal with humankind, this world and the next.  We can’t know if there is a next world, but we can believe that what ever it is that gives us life will not die.  A very human feeling; we all feel that there is another one of us inside. When we see a dead creature we wonder, what is different now?  My pet canary looks the same, but cannot sing.  All creatures die and it is delusional to believe otherwise.  Just because we think and feel we are special doesn’t make it so!   So much for belief and delusion.  So, why be concerned about the JCI? The big three, Judaism-Christianity-Islam, believe that their version, written in their holy books, applies to the whole world and probably the entire universe!!! They believe the world is supposed to end and they pray for it to happen. It’s in the book! 

That is why I believe in GROG.  Just try to imagine what this world might be if it hadn’t been for the big three. Where might we be if it hadn’t been for JC?




3 thoughts on “The Road To Relief and Disbelief

  1. Having studied all major religions over the past sixty years I have come to the conclusion they are all full of crap basically. However, many of them do contain pearls of wisdom, inspiration for the capability of mankind to do great and wonderful things but they are just stories, mostly very old fables and tales that impart moral lessons that we can use as a framework for living peacefully and working together to save our little blue planet and possibly ourselves from extinction. First we must resist those who wish to use religion to separate us from the family of man. We must unite as humans to demand fair treatment for all and that we work together to save our species, our planet and our environment from devastation. We are the only God that exists and our power is in unity.

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  2. Gregg, very good. I think you’ve got it. Religion is a scam, but that’s okay unless the religion promises resurrection and the end of the world. That is a dangerous religion; the monotheists who believe their story tells the fate of the entire world. They are delusional. Thanks for stopping by. GROG

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