What Kind of Fools Are We

What kind of fools are we? Why do we let ourselves be fooled? There are a number of words: conned, ripped off, scammed, tricked, deceived, hoodwinked, bamboozled, and more, which give an idea of what I’m talking about.   A simple word for it is scam, basically a promise of something to the scammed, which the scammer never really delivers.  In the case of Bernie Madoff, his scam began in the 1960’s. Not a bad run.  He made millions, but he got found out, just as most scammers do, eventually. There are many books out there about getting fooled, but I haven’t heard or seen anything that takes on or tries to explain the biggest scam in history.  I think of it as the perfect scam, because once scammed, these folks don’t want to learn the truth.  As well, a big part of this scam is the way we humans think, and how our minds work, and when. The scam is that humans (a certain group of them) are blessed with (the promise of) eternity and more. They believe they are blessed with an eternal soul, or whatever, so that after they die they are recomposed into their mortal form so they may be with their Dad, forever!  Delusion abounds.      

BUT, why must we care?  We must care, because these “believers”, for centuries now, have been praying for the end to come, Judgement Day, the End. That is what they have been and are still being promised, salvation and resurrection!  “Tomorrow for sure”, that is what they are hoping for! The end of the world is the ending of their story, and the glory of God. But, just like the Adam and Eve story, it is a set-up.  And, it is a set-up that involves everyone because they believe their God created and rules everything and everyone! The whole earth is the victim, as the promise of the end is constantly renewed. The animosity between the three players can only continue, because they each believe that their version is the true word of their God. As Hitchens has eloquently pointed out, there will be no peace in the Middle East because the party of God has put a veto on it by promising the Holy Land to each of the parties involved. We see “the never ending story” of attempts to bring it about. It is like two bombs, time ticking away, awaiting the critical mass to light the fuse! This promise of salvation and eternal afterlife, at its core the delusion of resurrection. The early Christians deluded themselves and each other that they would live in Jesus. The scam worked and the cult of Jesus survived.  If only Armenia and the Roman Empire hadn’t made Christianity their state religion, where might humanity be?

So in order to get rid of God, it is necessary to educate people, especially the children, about science and common sense. Every living thing will die someday, for humans the current limit is about 120 years, give or take a few.

When a person realizes that there is but one life, each moment is more precious than the one before.  If it’s a good life, you are lucky, if not,… not so much.  That’s how it is, it’s just a life, one of zillions, and hopefully more to come. So please tell your children the truth.  What happens after death?  We don’t know, can never know, and the mystery remains. We know we will die, but if we live life like there will always be a another tomorrow, you can’t really appreciate the value of the one, the only one, you will ever have, today.  GROG






12 thoughts on “What Kind of Fools Are We

  1. Hi Grog, Imagine my surprise when I saw that I had commented already. Then I looked at the picture – difinitely not me. 🙂 What are the chances of having two Carmens comment on your blog, I wonder??

    I commented on someone else’s blog when they used Bernie Madoff’s scam as an analogy. When I saw that movie, I was struck by the trust that people had in that man. They felt that there was just no way he’d ever do anything underhanded. When they realized that they’d been ‘had’, they were devastated. Not unlike many former believers — once realized, the truth is almost too much to bear.

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    1. That was my blog where I used Bernie Madoff as a sample scam. My glogalot site is a mess. I don’t know a lot about ‘arranging’ it. Now I have to get two Carmens figured out. Thanks for your comments. GROG

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  2. This mirrors my take on religion to a T. It’s a scam from the ground up. I have said for years, when the first caveman got lucky with some sort of prediction, then realized all he had to do to survive was to keep making vague predictions, it was on. Why live the hard life when people will give you what you need for nothing? The creation tales evolved from there.

    Religion, the greatest, and longest running scam ever perpetrated. People still give them something for nothing toady and are damn proud of it. I just scratch my head and wonder how in the hell people do the things they do…

    Education IS the only way out of this mess, so many are wilfully ignorant though, and they seem to enjoy it that way.

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    1. Shelldigger, the scam, of course, is that heaven exists, which is based on the delusion that that they can get there. The magic of resurrection also is evidence that they are blessed and among the chosen. They are schizo. GROG

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  3. I’m not sure they “enjoy it that way” as much as they don’t think they NEED education. Many people simply think they know all they need to know … about everything. I’m sure you’ve come across such individuals at one time or another … yes?


  4. The whole thing becomes more scary when we realise the so-called Christians have the power in several lands, especially the USA, and in Australia too. These people are actually working towards that Armageddon, thinking they will get eternal life, and bugger the rest of us.

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