An Antitheist [my take on religion and disbelief revised]

There is much debate about about religion by believers and non-believers.  Many terms such as agnostic, atheist, skeptic, et al, for those of little or no faith. I would like to make a distinction between the two, the theist and the antitheist, which is not about God or the veracity or “Holy scripture”.

Religion is natural to humans and is our humanity, especially in our respect for the dead. Religion is based on the belief that humans have an inner spirit, an immaterial inner self.  Basic religion is belief that human spirits, upon mortal death, go to a supernatural spirit world. This religion is simple, and ritualistic. This is ancestor worship, because we are humans. It is natural and will never end until humans do.

Disbelief, in this case, is of a story that is utterly impossible to believe.  Every non-believer/antitheist knows, like everyone else, that all humans have a spirit, but they have no faith that the spirit continues to exist beyond mortal death.   Death is final and irreversible.  Atheists, by my definition, believe there is but one life, not two.

Therefore, religion is based on belief in a human spirit and a supernatural spirit world which is magical thinking, and a scam.  Add to that the delusion of resurrection and we have people who are mentally ill as they pray for the final battle between good and evil.


Maybe there are those who still hang on to the possibility of there being some kind of a God. It would be good to hear from you.  I feel the plausibility, the possibility, the likelihood of humans being resurrected because they have an eternal soul, is a belief I cannot hold. No resurrection, no need of heaven or God. GROG

This delusional situation of resurrection and an afterlife is both an educational issue and a mental health problem. It can be cured with factual education. We must learn to live without God.  GROG


2 thoughts on “An Antitheist [my take on religion and disbelief revised]

  1. An antitheist is not necessarily an atheist, just a person who wants to destroy theism.
    Life after death, as a christian concept, makes no sense. However, life after death as an incarnation concept, can make a lot of sense.
    Heaven, hell, paradise, nirvana, purgatory, any reward or resulting place of atoneme for living a great life, or a bad one, makes no sense. Life as progressive levels of consciousness makes a lot of sense.
    Life as dead-end makes some sense, but not progressive sense.
    Evolution continually working to advance itself seems probable. Continuous strings of lives makes lots of sense.
    Truth is relative.


  2. There are many words for those who do not believe. Some people believe there might be a chance for God, or resurrection or an eternal soul. I guess it reflects our superstitious human nature. I am pretty damn sure that resurrection is dream wish, so I prefer using the term ‘nonbeliever’. It is only human to believe we have a spirit (soul), but to believe that this “soul” continues on in a supernatural world is delusional. Religion is a con game, a scam, and people have been fooled into believing the absurdity of “life” after death. Get rid of the delusion of resurrection and there is no need of heaven or God. GROG

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