China’s Re-education Plan

There are some interesting things going in western China involving Muslims in the province of Xinjiang, where 40% of the population is Muslim. “Xinjiang first introduced its “Regulation on Anti-Extremism” in April 2017 to ban a wide range of “extremist behavior” following a string of terrorist attacks.” China is a more or less homogeneous country where the majority practice native religions or have no religion. Christians and Muslims number only about 2.5% each of the population and the Chinese Catholic Church is now separate from Rome. This is significant, I think, because it indicates the Chinese opposition to their people answering to a higher power, which is really the basis of the monotheistic faiths. This was also the reason that Japan outlawed Christianity in the 1600’s; no power can be greater than the Emperor (or the Shogun). The same in China. China is not one to permit dissent which disrupts the lives of law abiding Chinese. The violence in China a few years ago by Muslim extremists has brought on a measured response to the disruptive element, the radicalized Muslims and is actually a two pronged operation targeting Muslims who the government feels need re-education, and a secular public education for all children. Their motive is to promote peace, unity, and tranquility for the Chinese. Some of the accounts of this re-education sound brutal and would seem counter productive if torture or violence were involved. But how do you convince someone to give up their delusion of Allah? It is pretty hard. GROG

14 thoughts on “China’s Re-education Plan

  1. A few weeks back a Christian in had crossed paths with complained about the treatment of religion in China—An attack on Christianity. I pointed out that I was a bit pleased the Chinese government was not allowing the delusion free reign to grow into this self perpetuating disease. Though my comment went unappreciated, I stand by it. The Chinese government now chooses bishops in the Catholics, and they are choosing the next Dali Lama and issuing reincarnation permits. Lol. But hey, they have a big society to run and if that’s what it takes, more power to em.

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    1. Hi, Jim. Well, this really is what needs to happen in all countries where the deluded masses worship that same higher power. Need I say more? I will….. If only the charter school system in the US were controlled by a nonbeliever, students might get the education that they really need. Do you know any billionaire atheists? GROG

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  2. I’m not saying I approve of Chinese methods any more than I approve of the methods of the Crusades, but let’s face it. You can, in fact, change a populations belief by force.

    This still means that religion is bullshit.

    It also means China is, an emerging world super power, probably going to eclipse us in most things within the next couple decades, without the superstitious bullshit to weigh them down.

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  3. Grogalot, I’m humanist and atheist and the word re-education makes me cringe. I think of the situation in North America where young gays are sent to re-education camps. And who knows, somewhere in the world, governments may start sending atheists to re-education camps. I wonder if Trump knows the definition of ‘atheist’ ?
    I hate the idea of being expected to show total loyalty to your country and I don’t know what can be done about religious thinking.

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    1. As a fellow humanist and nonbeliever, I too am opposed to forced indoctrination. The efforts to de-radicalize the Muslims in China have proved helpful in eliminating terrorism. The added benefit is elimination in the belief in a higher power, aka Allah. This is a step forward in my view. GROG

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