My Beginning and The End

Where do we begin to find the answers to the many questions we ponder about life and how to live it? There are many question about life and even about who we are. Why are we here? Why are we the way we are? When I began a few years ago to look at history, my own as well as world history, I found some things very interesting. I discovered family connections with the Mormon church I never knew I had.

After being irreligious for so many years I took an interest in what this belief in god is all about. My interest became more focused after reading The End of Faith, by Sam Harris. Something in the epilogue has become sort of a guidepost for me. After saying that the situation seems hopeless, Sam wrote, “And yet, it is obvious that an utter revolution in our thinking could be accomplished in a single generation; if parents and teachers would merely give honest answers to the questions of every child.” Education is the only answer that really works to reduce the delusions of the supernatural.

There are many religions in the world, with many gods, and many stories about the relationship between humans and their gods. Very broadly speaking, the people on earth can be divided into three groups, based on belief in the supernatural and the relationship there to.

*First, this group believes that humans have a spirit, but that this spirit dies upon mortal death. They believe life on earth will continue so long as conditions permit. For these nonbelievers there is no supernatural realm.

**Second is the group that believes the spirit continues to exist in a supernatural realm along with all the other spirits and gods, with which they may or may not interact. They believe and hope that life on earth will continue forever.

***Third group, the monotheists. Their belief is that humans have an eternal spirit which after death, along with their resurrected mortal remains, will continue to exist forever in a divine realm. They believe that their story, as revealed in their Holy texts, applies to everyone on earth. They believe their god rules the universe and when the time is right, life on earth will end, as per god’s will. They pray for this to come about so they may ascend to that divine realm, and for life on earth to be destroyed. … God willing!

Even today the preachers are increasing the volume of their wailing. The signs are everywhere. It is the same old fear mongering to the faithful to get ready for the glorious day when they get to go to heaven. If you read the blogs of the believers, just here on WordPress, you will get a good idea of their delusions. Stories of fantasy and dreams. Perfection, purity and all the rest; the fantasy without bounds. It is all about them and their one-on-one with their savior. And their eternal god given soul. GROG


4 thoughts on “My Beginning and The End

  1. Hey Grog. I almost want to disagree with this, but I get your intent. ”because there is so much we don’t know; even about ourselves”. I don’t really think this is inherent at all. These are questions we seem forced to ponder because we are asked. I was fine as a youngster, even though heavily indoctrinated, until a certain age I was fine rolling through life as I am now. But see, in my teens I was expected to prove my allegiance and choose. And I was warned by people I trusted. I see others in remote areas of the earth that managed to go un contacted don’t ponder life and death with the seriousness of an asshole. They mostly accept life as an experience, and accept death as a reunion to the earth. The Kogi of Columbia do not mourn death at all, but celebrate that the person reunited with the mother of all life. Daniel Everett’s deconversion among the Pirahãs of Brazil tells an identical story. (This is nearly universal among these tribes all over the world) The earth (which they say was not created at all but infinite).
    We are taught to fear death through religion. Personally my contemplation of death and life disappeared when I deconverted. I see that similar event in others as well. I know as much about myself as anyone does about themselves. There is humbly very little to know. One can only guess where the world would be if the dreamers and visioneers of old, understood the complex normality of human neurology?

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    1. This ‘knowing about self’, I was alluding to (I didn’t go into) is about character or personality traits. In looking at the past I find reasons why I’m thrifty/stingy/picky/timid, etc. a lot of negatives. It’s about how trusting, confident, and socially adept we are. If we are lucky, we learn how to survive, maybe even succeed. Thanks for your comment. GROG

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      1. Boy I overshot it by a mile then! Lol. I just reread it and I’m just seeing a lot of depth maybe you didn’t intend, but touched on some great points. Well done!

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  2. Jim, as to depth, this is very deep. It goes to our most basic feelings and beliefs. There are two kinds of people, those who understand that whatever human soul we have dies with us. The others believe that the human soul is somehow eternal and continues to exist in a heaven. Believing in the supernatural is not a problem, but dreaming of, and praying for, the end of the world and trying to bring it about, is the problem. GROG


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