The GROG: Get Rid Of God. Actually it’s not about God at all.  He is collateral damage. This is about encouraging critical thinking regarding the delusion of resurrection, a life after dying.  Where does the idea come from that there is something after we die?  Everyone knows they have a spirit.  It is the religious who believe the spirit continues on after death and that there is a spirit world.

Of the various religions, the monotheistic, messianic faiths, stand out in their ontology, in particular their believe about getting into the spirit world. The key to heaven is faith in God, the creator of humankind. Their heaven is not of spirits, but of resurrected mortals who were granted the key. This most inane scam of getting people to fall in love with themselves. It is the supreme scam of resurrection.  Since then, the dream of salvation has been magnified to the point where nothing is beyond possibility as the will of God.  Those first Christians were Jews, already hooked on being the chosen ones, who got hooked again believing that resurrection was imminent. And, they had the Old Testament and then the New Testament to prove it!  The signs for the end were everywhere. If it hadn’t been for a couple of Roman emperors that got hooked on the dream, and/or used the Machiavellian rule about not burning bridges, to let the Christians survive.  What a pair, the Roman Empire and the Catholic Church.  It certainly changed the course of history, which by the way, it is still doing.

It is the perfect scam.  Once believed, it is almost impossible to wake up to the reality of being taken for a ride. Especially, as in most cases where children get it from their parents. In conversions there are various hooks that snag the vulnerable. In one case it was the promise of perfect physical resurrection and families being sealed together that got a Japanese friend. Just before my friend was born, his father had died, so he never knew his father.  By becoming a Mormon, he could be sealed to his family and meet his father after their resurrection.

Imagination and dreams are natural, but believing that animals have only one life, but that humans have two, is not critical thinking. Why is it so easy to fool people into believing the unbelievable?  One idea is, because we see ourselves from the inside and there are lots of bad things there, like guilt, shame, and anger, but God gives us reason to love ourselves, because we are His children and He loves us. And so the belief of being special gives reason to the dream of not having to really say goodbye. People who want and maybe need this to be true, convince themselves that they are special and will not really die.

The delusion that human beings are special, must be educated out of existence.  Those already claimed by this delusion are lost in their dream world and believe they will be saved.  Half of the earth’s population believe they are the chosen ones and they are willing to kill each other to make their version come true because “God” is on their side. Each side believes that they are the chosen ones. If this is their God’s plan, then that God does indeed work in mysterious ways!

This delusion of being special, chosen, and entitled needs to be educated out of existence. For every creature there is but one life, not two.



14 thoughts on “GROG

  1. You speak only about mortal Bio-DNA-gradable, Bio-logical human beings and Death.
    You didn’t once refer to the magical human egg-cell & sperm-cell that caused the circle of human life on this Earth that is moving as we revolve and evolve around the sun. That is a fact. You are missing out too many Scientific facts.
    There’s always been a cause and effect that is never random when it comes to the fight between GOOD & EVIL, that affects us, as we fight to find CURES for Ancient Infestation’s Germ-Warfare-GERMS and INSANE Murderers/Terrorists’ Death wishes for us all.

    I wish you a Happy and Peaceful Christ-mass on this planet of Darwinian Apes, (I hope I don’t hear ‘Bah Humbug’!)
    Sibyl X


  2. Hi Sibyl X, Happy Winter Solstice! Thanks for your commenting on my post and it would be helpful to know more about you. I don’t understand well your position. Mine: We have only one life and there is no supernatural dimension. Religion is a scam based on the delusion of resurrection, a scam that has been taking its toll for 2000 years. GROG

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    1. Hi. I am wondering how or why my stance differs from your stance? Peace of mind, comes, I think, when there is only one “you”. When all of one’s inner selves agree to live in the present moment, that’s peace of mind.
      Do you believe in heaven?


  3. Hello again. What I stand for is all in my blog and has nothing to do with taking an uninformed stance.
    You only have to look in your Conversations were you left a reply on Dave Dubay, The Painted Porch, post, Agnostic monotheism. My replies were just above yours.

    Re: When all of one’s inner selves agree to live in the present moment, that’s peace of mind, for the one and only ”you”!
    I Totally Agree.
    As for the question: Do you believe in heaven? I’d have to say, of cause, because you are referring to the sky.
    If you were referring to Heaven, every Galaxy is surrounded by it’s own atmospheric/Cosmic SPACE referred to as the Heavens..
    If you are referring to that special place known as HEAVEN, I’d have to say, ‘Oh yes’ and it’s got nothing to do with only a vague hope or stance.

    Sibyl X


  4. Hi. I’m a little disappointed you haven’t allowed my reply to appear as it looks as if I haven’t bothered to answer your questions. I was being as thoughtful and as honest as I could be.
    Dear GROG, you can’t get rid of the GREAT OMNIPRESENT, OMNISCIENT, DIVINING COSMOS: as well as being ALL THINGS to all mankind, it’s the sparky, static electricity air that we breath.
    Anyway The SON GOD, KING of Kings won’t, can’t allow it Dearly Beloved Son.

    When our work Surviving here is done,
    Starlight appears as our life here is ending
    enveloped in feelings of bliss as we’re wending.
    This time is golden and peace has begun
    HEAVEN’S been earned and UTOPIA WON.
    Goodwill to all Humane Beings here.
    Sibyl X


    1. Sorry Sibyl, but I really don’t understand what you are trying to say. Are you a religious nut or just a bit nutty? “Starlight appears as our if here is ending…” What is this? Poetry or delusion?


      1. Nutty? How quaint, and not really insulting.
        Sorry GROG, I didn’t know anything about the subject I’m now involved in until Phenomenon happened to me. Now I get told the answers I need to know, So, I can understand how hard it must be for someone like you, who’s trying so hard to make sure that he’s not conned again.
        I have been excruciatingly aware from the beginning how crazy I might sound, that’s why I only join in with bloggers discussing Atheist, Theist, God theories.
        HEAVEN isn’t an imaginary place. It’s the Galaxy called Andromeda.
        I am told that It’s Lacerta Blazer is HEAVENS ORACLE.

        My little Nirvana poem is about White Stars’ Cosmic tunnels of Love. They are Scientists’ Theoretical White-holes.
        Sibyl X


      2. Yes Nan! ”I am told”, and it is a defining element to explain all that I’ve written. I don’t take personal credit for my SIBYL communications’ messages. And I’m not lying or delusional. Science can prove it.
        If one didn’t know better, what you have written could just as easily sound as if you were agreeing with me.


      3. Dear Nan, I’ve read some of your posts and liked them very much.
        They make complete sense to me given the experiences you’ve had at the hands of Tyrannical DOGMA that doesn’t sound at all Christian to me. You can thank Judas’ version for that due to his FEAR of Reprisals.
        I am not Religious, an academic, a bigot or an atheist.
        Apart from being a SIBYL Psychic I would call myself a Norse Christian, interfaith discerning, Free-thinking Gentile. I like & respect many people but I kow-tow to nobody.
        Oh! I’m also an Empath, which helps me understand other peoples’ conflicting points of view. Good people are Good Citizens, what more could one ask for?

        Lots of love
        Sibyl X

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